We Are the People needs Labor Day volunteers for Detroit parade

We're all in this together

We Are the People Michigan is asking for volunteers for the Labor Day parade in Detroit. This is part of the effort to make sure the Protect Our Jobs ballot proposal passes in November and secures the right to collectively bargain in our state constitution. If you are available, this is guaranteed to be a truly fun and rewarding day. You'll meet amazing organizers, activists and passionate folks from the labor movement while you help make sure that the drive to crush our unions is stopped. Details on how you can get involved in this fun and important effort after the jump.
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New television ad for Protect Our Jobs – Collective bargaining helped saved the auto industry

When protective bargaining wins, we ALL win

The Protect Our Jobs coalition, also known as Protect Working Families, is working to pass a ballot initiative that would put protections for collective bargaining in the state constitution. This group just released a new television ad that shows how collective bargaining helped save that domestic auto industry in America. See the ad after the jump.
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Republican Convention recap: “America sucks and ‘WE BUILT THIS'”

You SURE you want that message?

Last night at the Republican Convention in Tampa, multiple speakers got up to tell us how much America sucks right now. Despite an economy that is recovering, they stood under a giant debt clock and declared "We built this". It's an odd message, given how responsible Republicans are FOR that national debt. Yeah, you built that. Proof and much more commentary after the jump.
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New video from “We Approve This Message” shows why so many are leaving the Republican Party

We ALL approve this message

A new video out from the group We Approve This Message does an amazing job of showing how there used to be great Republican leaders, even presidents, who looked out for the interests of America and Americans. And how that is no longer true. The video is one of the most powerful pieces I've seen in a long time and features an image by Eclectablog's very own Anne C. Savage. Video and more after the jump.
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One-person grand jury to investigate Bolger & Schmidt in election fraud scandal

May justice be served

The Ingham County Circuit Court has chosen to convene a one-person grand jury to investigate the election fraud misdeeds of Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger and newly-minted Republican House caucus member Roy Schmidt. This same type of arrangement was used recently to investigate fraudulent behavior by Democrats to run fake tea party candidates and resulted in convictions. The justice that will investigate is Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina who was chosen by random draw. More after the jump.
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Romney Economics: The infomercial

Heh, heh...

The latest video from the Obama campaign pokes fun at what they call "Romney Economics". Seems like they are enjoying the Republican National Convention as much at the Ron Paul supporters are not... Watch it after the jump.
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Protect Working Families ballot initiative forum in Ann Arbor THURSDAY, August 30th

It's time to get this done

Now that the ballot initiative to make collective bargaining rights part of the state constitution has been ordered placed on the November ballot, it's time for Democrats around the state to make sure it passes handily. As part of that effort, the Protect Working Families (formerly Protect Our Jobs) alliance is conducting forums across the state to ensure people are educated and engaged in making that happen. This Thursday, August 30, 2012 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Ann Arbor Second Baptist Church, 850 Red Oak Road, one such forum is being held in Washtenaw County. Details after the jump.
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#IfEveryoneVoted – Mitt’s pro-choice flip-flop edition

If everyone in the US voted...

Anne has started a new meme called "If everyone in the US voted..." Combined with her eye-catching photos, it's designed to show how things could be different if only everyone voted. Share around on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest. Join in on the fun! (And make sure everyone you know is registered to vote! Great site for that here: GottaRegister.com.) Here's the latest edition: Larger image after the jump.
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