Even the Russians are talking about the US presidential election

Сумасшедший американцы*

I was contacted yesterday by a writer for Voice of Russia, the Russian government’s official international radio broadcasting service, formerly known as Radio Moscow. I was asked about the ongoing debate regarding extending the Bush tax cuts and Mitt Romney stashing some of his income in offshore tax havens.

You can read the piece titled “Obama pulling Romney into fight over Bush-era tax cuts” in English HERE. I’m quoted heavily along with a guy, also named Chris, from Fox News.

I’m pretty sure I was the superior intellect ; )

*Crazy Americans

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Romney talks down to African Americans in address to NAACP, gets booed (UPDATED)

Dude, what the HELL were you thinking???

Mitt Romney stepped into the lion's den today to address the annual NAACP conference in Houston, Texas this morning. Not surprisingly, he talked down to them, basically telling them they don't understand him. He then went on to talk about repealing the Affordable Care Act and got himself loudly booed. Video of the booing and much more after the jump.
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The new-and-improved GOP War on Women graphic – Use it. Share it. AND VOTE!

The GOP's War on Women - WOW!

Earlier this week we debuted Eclectablogger Anne C. Savage's new graphic depicting the GOP's War on Women. Anne has tinkered with it considerably and we are now happy to share the new-and-improved result with you. See the graphic with a link to a high-resolution version after the jump.
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Mitt Romney is lying repeatedly to hide his past as a job-killing tax cheat – UPDATED w/video

I need a graphic of a Pinocchio nose with on-fire pants hanging from it...

It may be true that all politicians lie at one time or another, or at least exaggerate their points a bit. But things are starting to crash down all around Mitt Romney. I'm not talking about the constantly changing positions depending on the weather, the audience, sunspot cycles, etc. I'm talking about him lying over and over again to hide his past as a job-killing tax cheat.
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This is the type of mindless ignorance we’re up against in this year’s election

Too stupid to vote???

Despite the fact that most Americans want Republicans to move on (pdf) and quit fighting a battle they've already lost, House Republicans spent the day debating the repeal the Affordable Care Act, a waste of time and taxpayer money given that it'll never get out of the Senate much less be signed into law by President Obama. The vote tomorrow will be 31st time they've done this. In light of that, it's worth having a look at what Obama-haters in the hinterlands are saying and thinking. I was perusing the Letters to the Editor page at the Livingston County Press and Argus today and came across this letter, written by a person so detached from facts and reality that it's almost insulting that they printed it. This letter shows just exactly what we're up against heading into the November election.
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Mitt Romney thinks people in the middle class make over $250,000 a year

Can you say "out of touch"? I knew you could.

The Obama campaign has been hammering hard on Mitt Romney's offshore bank accounts and his absurdly low tax rate and his car elevators and all of the trappings that make him a 0.1 percenter. I'm glad. It's important that Americans know that Mitt is not a "regular guy". He's a massively wealthy millionaire that has always lived a privileged life. He's not one of "us". But there's an easier way to learn about how out of touch Mitt Romney is: listen to Mitt Romney.
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Romney CAPTION CONTEST – Time to vote!

So many choices but you only get one

So, a couple of weeks ago, we asked you to caption a photo taken by Anne at Mitt and Ann Romney's campaign stop in Holland, Michigan in June (our write-up with photos HERE.) Photo and poll after the jump.
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Mitt Romney Wants to Give Millionaires an Average $390,000 Tax Break

Don’t compare me to the almighty, compare me to Mitt Romney

Just a quick note to keep in mind as the President makes the case for extending the Bush tax breaks for Americans earning under $250,000 a year. Mitt doesn’t just want to extend the Bush tax breaks for the rich, which gave millionaires on average $140,000 a year. He wants to give rich Americans more than two and half times what Bush did.

Michael Tomasky explains:

If you don’t credit Romney with extending the Bush cuts–that is, if you just assume they were going to be extended anyhow–then his plan cuts the tax bill for those making more than $1 million a year by $250,000.

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