Something is very odd about that Romney fundraiser video

Two months from May 17th? Eh?

There’s something very odd about the question asked at the Romney fundraiser that was secretly filmed without Romney’s knowledge.

In the video, an obvious Ayn Rand devotee asks, “For the past three years, all everybody’s been told is, “don’t worry, we’ll take care of you.” How are you going to do it, in two months before the elections to convince everybody ‘you’ve got to take care of yourself’?”.

Now, according to David Corn at Mother Jones, that event took place “at the Boca Raton home of controversial private equity manager Marc Leder on May 17″.…

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Everyday Americans react to Mitt Romney’s insulting dismissal of half the country

Hey, Mitt! Ur doin it wrong.

There's a great new ad out by the Obama campaign called "47 percent". It shows everyday Americans reacting as they listen to Mitt Romney's "I don't care about half the country" speech to campaign donors at the Boca Raton home of private equity manager Marc Leder on May 17. Watch it after the jump.
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GRAPHIC QUOTE: Romney can’t believe some people feel entitled to FOOD!

The nerve of some people...

Anne and I cracked ourselves up over this last night: Full quote and a larger version of the graphic (suitable for sharing and pinning) after the jump.
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At this point in 2008 Barack Obama was losing to John McCain


There's one "polling" site that I watch more than any others. More than Gallup. More than Pollster. More than any other. It's I like it because it basically takes the most recent legitimate poll from each state and gives you a day-to-day snapshot of where the presidential race stands in terms of the all-important electoral vote count. Proof after the jump.
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Communications Workers of America slam GOP Rep. Dan Benishek for supporting outsourcing of THEIR jobs

What is it with Republicans and outsourcing of our jobs?

Republican Congressman Dan Benishek doesn't just lock his constituents out of his office. He also supports the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign companies. The Communications Workers of America aren't having it and are running radio ads encouraging people to fight back. Listen to their radio spot after the jump.
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Speaking of not paying taxes & entitlement, how about the 26 Fortune 500 corporations that haven’t paid tax in 4 years?

Say, Mitt, when will these guys take personal responsibility & care about THEIR lives?

With Mitt Romney bloviating about how half the country are tax cheats that feel "entitled" to things like food and healthcare and housing, I got to thinking about who else in the USA doesn't pay taxes. Then I remembered a report by the Citizens for Tax Justice (pdf) that came out earlier this year. It was a report that showed 26 Fortune 500 companies -- PROFITABLE Fortune 500 companies, I should add -- that paid no taxes or actually got a rebate every year since 2008. Major rant after the jump.
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Yeah, Romney’s crud. But the fundraiser video has another important lesson to teach us.

Are you ready to eat cake?

Like the rest, or at least 99.9%, of the country, I was appalled and offended when I watched the video tape of Mitt Romney at a fundraiser telling his super-wealthy benefactors that half the country thinks they are entitled to food and healthcare and housing and that he didn't care about them. I was incensed that he would describe half of Americans as not being willing to take personal responsibility and care about their lives. Yeah, that's offensive, all right. It's also completely unsurprising. Come on, be honest. Did you really think that Mitt Romney felt any other way about those of us who don't make they kind of money he makes? What was most offensive to me in that video was the guy asking the question. Follow me over the fold for more.
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VIDEO: GOP U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek locks constituents out of his office

What does it tell you when your Representative is afraid of talking to his constituents???

A group of senior citizens recently tried to visit the Gaylord office of their U.S. Representative, Dan Benishek, to talk to him about his vote to kill Medicare. When they got to the office, it was locked with the blinds drawn and instructions to press the buzzer and state the nature of their business. They were eventually allowed in, one at a time while the others were forced to stand in the hallway, and then only because there was a reporter present. Video and more after the jump.
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