Day One: Fourth Quarter Fundraiser

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It's that time of year again, when we come to you, hat in hand, asking you to support what we do here at Eclectablog. Make a $25 contribution this week and be entered in a drawing for one of five signed two-poster sets of Anne C. Savage's photomosaic images of President Barack Obama. Details and some of the highlights since our last fundraiser after the jump.
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There is nothing more powerful than ordinary citizens coming together for a just cause.

"Forward Together" -- a new photomosaic of Barack Obama

Four years ago, I was busy devoting most of my free time knocking on doors and talking to people about the presidential election. At first I was very uncomfortable disturbing folks at their homes to talk about a subject that most would prefer to avoid: politics. Admittedly, it took me a little while to become comfortable with the front porch conversations, but, as soon as I did, there was no stopping me. I loved it. All of it. In '08, I also spent some time traveling around Michigan photographing Obama rallies. While Obama spoke to the crowds, I photographed them. I viewed, intimately through my lens, the large diverse crowds while he spoke the words "Yes we can" and shared a message of unity and how together we can bring about change. Click through to learn more about the photomosaic of Barack Obama.
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St. Louis Post Dispatch endorsement of Barack Obama hits the nail squarely on the head


The St. Louis Post Dispatch endorsed President Barack yesterday. In their endorsement piece, they were spot on in their assessment of both President Obama and Mitt Romney. A couple of highlights after the jump.
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Jim Hahn: Progressive Dem takes on GOP father of the Emergency Manager law (INTERVIEW)

Turning Michigan blue -- shore to shore

The 79th State House District covers the area on the Lake Michigan coast of Michigan that includes Benton Harbor. It is currently represented by Al Pscholka, a former aide to Congressman Fred Upton, very good friend of Whirlpool and, most importantly, the original sponsor of the legislation that became Public Act 4, Michigan's anti-democratic Emergency Manager law. Jim Hahn is a progressive Democrats who is running against Al Pscholka and, though Berrien County is a fairly Republican area, he believes he can win. I spoke to Jim over the weekend about his campaign. My interview after the jump.
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How to Talk Dirty to a Tea Partier – w4m (Ann Arbor)

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Date: 2012-10-7, 3:04AM EDT

Seeking a common sense conservative who woke up from a coma on the day President Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated.

Seeking a small government conservative who honestly believes that that the government is way too big, except when it comes to policing women’s vaginas, blocking gay marriages and planning a mass deportation of 17 million undocumented immigrants.

Seeking a Christian conservative who knows America is a Christian nation, except when it comes to the sick, poor, war, torture and the death penalty.

Seeking a law-and-order conservative who agrees that Robin Hood is guilty of class warfare and thus a socialist and possibly even an Islamo-fascist secularist.…

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R.I.P. Rudy the Parrot

We lost our little guy today. Rudy was a Senegal Parrot and was 19 years old. He was probably the smartest animal in our house. He rolled over, asked for peanuts, and knew tons of words and phrases like "What the...?" and "Would you like a beer?" And "Peek-a-boo". Video proof after the jump.
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The One Advantage The GOP Has Is That They Have No Credibility To Lose

A Republican is a man who will let not truth get in the way of what he believes.

If you were the Captain of the Hindenburg or the Titanic, you probably wouldn’t put that on your resume. But across the country on November 6, hundreds of candidates will put “Republican” next to their names on ballots.

If your party blew the surplus, invaded the wrong country and let bin Laden get away, you’d probably sit a few elections out. But what Republicans know is that failing in every way actually puts you at a huge advantage. That’s how they used the mess they created to beat the guys who were trying to clean it up in 2010.…

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UPDATED: Really, Democrats, have you learned so little about Barack Obama in five years?

Call for the fainting couch! Pearls for clutching!

You're going to have to pardon a bit of a rant but, after watching the reaction to the first presidential debate yesterday and reading/listening to countless pundits and commenters talking about absolutely blown away President Obama was by Mitt Romney, I have a few things to get off my chest. The general criticism of President Obama's performance is that he was too passive; not aggressive enough. Follow me after the jump for an explanation for why this is exactly what he needed to do at the first debate.
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