President Obama comes out of the gate powerfully against childish Republicans McCain & Graham

Game ON!

I walked out of my hotel room this morning and this greeted me:

It was a beautiful sight: President Obama setting a firm and adult-like tone against childish Republicans John “Who?” McCain and Lindsey “What about ME?” Graham who have suggested that they would filibuster an appointment of UN ambassador Susan Rice to be Secretary of State.

President Obama had this to say yesterday at his first press conference since the election:

Susan Rice, she has done exemplary work. She has represented the United States and our interests in the United Nations with skill and professionalism and toughness and grace.…
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The Not-So Secret Path To A Democratic Majority: Medicaid Expansion

Yes, Ronald Reagan Socialized Medicine In The United States

There are two dirty secrets in American politics. The first is that the GOP is the real “food stamp party”. The second is that we already pay for each other’s health care in the dumbest possible way, thanks to Ronald Reagan.

Every time an uninsured person waits to the last possible moment to go to the emergency room then incurs bills he or she will never, ever pay, that cost gets passed on to everyone else. Health care can’t be socialized because it’s naturally socialized. Unless we’re determined to let people die in the streets, we’re all in this together.…

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Michigan Tea Party Republicans play chicken with Obama administration on health insurance exchanges

Letting ideology trump protecting our most vulnerable citizens

Michigan's Tea Party Republicans are doing everything in their power to block the formation of a state-run health insurance exchange. These state exchanges are mandated by the Affordable Care Act and, if they are not formed, the federal government will do it for them, taking away the state's ability to control their own destiny. As I wrote last summer, this self-defeating behavior is harmful to Michigan's most vulnerable citizens. Details after the jump.
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Link round-up and Open Thread

Lazy blogging

You might have noticed we're in a bit of a lazy mode at the moment after the election and the celebrations last weekend. Never fear: we'll be back in frantic blogging mode soon enough. In the meantime, here's another Open Thread with fun links for you and the kids (after the jump.)
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Fun links and Open Thread

This'll never work...

I don't generally do Open Threads because there is nothing lamer than an Open Thread with no comments. But, what the hell, I'm not afraid of lame. I embrace lame from time to time. Some fun links after the jump to get you started.
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Livingston County Press & Argus slams Bolger, Denby and Rogers. And rightfully so.

When you lose Livingston County's largest newspaper, you've lost

The Livingston County Press & Argus has a blistering op-ed today, slamming House Republicans for re-selecting known election fraudster Jase Bolger as their Speaker once again. They slam Bolger. They slam Livingston County House Represenatives Cindy Denby and Bill Rogers. Frankly, they slam almost the entire GOP House caucus. And they pull exactly zero punches. Details after the jump.
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The Republican Party is done at the national level

You can thank Rush Limbaugh and Fox News for that

There’s plenty of recrimination going on about why President Obama cleaned Mitt Romney’s clock in last week’s election. At the end of the day, however, the reason for the drubbing is simple: America is not a far-right, super-conservative nation. We are, largely, a centrist country that probably leans a tad to the left.

But the Republican Party has allowed themselves to be completely co-opted by the far right and, more importantly, by the far-right pundits, commentators and blowhards that dominate the radio airwaves and Fox News. This plays out by making it all but impossible for their national candidates to win their primaries — unless, of course, they are willing to “drink the tea”, so to speak.…

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Why We Have To Start Thinking About 2014 Now

We’re not getting Obama on the ballot until Malia is ready

2012 was extraordinarily important election because it decided whether ObamaCare would be maimed before it could even go into effect. However, whether the law gets funded and properly will be a constant question because of an election too many Americans just skipped—2010.

Republicans got about 500,000 fewer votes for the House of Representatives than Democrats but they kept their huge majority and they’ll likely keep it until 2020 for one reason: Republicans came out in massive numbers in 2010. This gave them the power to gerrymander districts so they can’t lose—creating an electoral map that virtually guarantees Republican control of the House for a decade.…

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