A simple flowchart to understand why Zombie Emergency Manager Law PA 72 is dead

"He's dead, Jim..."

Earlier today, I wrote about how Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is trying to resurrect the Zombie Emergency Financial Manager Law, PA72. I showed how he's using circuitous logic to arrive at that conclusion. But, it's pretzel logic at it finest. He says first that MCL 8.4, which prevents the resurrection of a dead law, doesn't apply because PA4 is only suspended, not repealed. Therefore, it's still on the books and MCL 8.4 doesn't prevent them from resurrecting PA72. Then he says that, because PA4 is gone, its repeal of PA72 doesn't exist so it is able to rise from the dead to walk the earth among the living. I put together this easy-to-follow flowchart to help out AG Schuette who seems to lack the ability to grasp simple, common sense concepts. It's so basic that even Mr. Schuette should be able to wrap his simple mind around it. (Psst! It's after the jump.)
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Graphically @LOLGOP — Election Day Edition

We DO outnumber them afterall...

Larger version suitable for sharing after the jump
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Michigan Board of State Canvassers to certify PA4 repeal petitions TOMORROW

Score one for the Good Guys

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers, who didn't even have a meeting scheduled as of late last week, has hastily scheduled one for tomorrow (pdf). Why? I'll show you after the jump.
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Michigan GOP AG Schuette resurrects Zombie Emergency Manager Law PA 72 using circuitous logic


With the approval of the PA 4 repeal ballot initiative imminent, the predictable (and predicted) fight over what happens next is fully underway. Using a truly astonishing act of mental gymnastics and pretzel logic, Republicans, aided and abetted by Attorney General Bill Schuette, are convinced that we will simply revert to the original statute, Public Act 72. Though this law gave Emergency Financial Managers much less abusive authority than the Emergency Managers under Public Act 4, those municipalities and school districts currently under the thumb of a local dictator beg to differ with this view of things. Join me on the Zombie Law Roller Coaster after the jump.
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President Obama defines Mitt Romney’s economic plan as “Romney Hood”

Romney Hood: stealing from the Middle Class to give to the rich

At a campaign stop in Stamford, Connecticut yesterday, President Obama referring to Mitt Romney's economic plan, the one that pays for historic tax cuts for the super wealthy by increasing taxes on average Americans, renamed Mitt Romney "Romney Hood". He's a reverse Robin Hood, said the president, stealing from Middle Class Americans to give to the very rich in our country. It was brilliant. Transcript and more after the jump.
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Vote today as if your future depended upon it. Because it does.

Voting is sexy.

It’s really astonishing and heartbreaking how few people vote in our country’s primaries. It’s heartbreaking because these are the elections where we can actually impact the political future of our country. If you want your state to be more progressive, it’s at the primary where you can choose between candidates who are more or less progressive.

It’s at the primary where you can shake off that Conservadem that’s been plaguing you and replace them with a good, solid progressive Democrat.

It’s at the primary where we can send corrupt frauds like Roy Schmidt in Michigan House district 76 packing and, instead, replace him with a real Democrat Winnie Brinks (be sure to spell it right, you’re going to have to write that name in.)

It’s at the primary where you can repudiate fake Democrats and vote for REAL Democrats.…

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Chevy hits homerun with Motor City Pride, LGBT-targeted ad

Go, Chevy!

A Chevy ad released last month to celebrate the Detroit Pride festival has gone viral beyond anyone's prediction. The ad, originally a tiny $750 buy in the Motor City Pride edition of Between the Lines, has been viewed by well over 10 million people. See the ad after the jump.
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UAW pulls endorsement for Rep. Maureen Stapleton, gives support to Rashida Tlaib

The Students First kiss of death

State Representative Maureen Stapleton had received the UAW endorsement for the newly drawn 6th House district seat as a Democrat. However, thanks to a "kiss of death" endorsement by Michelle Rhee's anti-teacher, pro-charter schools group Students First, they have withdrawn their endorsement and are throwing their support behind Rashida Tlaib, instead. Details after the jump.
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